May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Today was my first official Mother's Day presentation I got from my son. His school had the kids singing, and they made little presents for us.
I remember when I was little and I asked my mom what she wanted for Mother's Day, she'd always say "a hug and your love" - I always thought THAT WAS A LIE! Presents are cool, you must want something big, shinny and special!
It wasn't until now, that I am a mom, and that my child is in that stage of pure honesty and innocence that I recognize the desire my mom had - a hug and his love, a smile, a look from him that will validate my role as his mom.
After all what has been going on and all the fighting and court dealings, a moment of peace and a hug from our kids will make it all better. And at that moment, if you are like me :) the worry if we are doing a good job as mothers will dissipate, and we just enjoy the moment.
Today, it didn't go as I expected, but hearing him say "I love you mommy" just melted me to the core and gave me energy for another year.
And as we grow, I think my mom had the right idea, we ought to spare some moments to pause, be thankful, hug and show love to our parents, because they hunger for those moments when everything was simple and pure and innocent, and a hug was all it took to make all things better... and of course I still run around looking for the biggest, shiniest way to show her that :)
but I understand now, that she wants time and love manifested.
Love your kids, allow yourself to be loved their way. Let's stop, pause and just take it in, and store those moments in our hearts.
Happy Mother's Day!!!!
and to the single mom - BRAVO!!!! because you go the extra mile to make their rainbows look brighter, and to bring a smile to their hearts, even when it is cloudy outside.
Blessings this Mother's Day. You are magnificent and YOU ARE LOVED - just look at those faces, even if they have a frown right now, you are loved.

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