May 30, 2009

I have a 2 year old boy - as cute as he can be!
Never married to the dad (thank God!). 
I initiated the custody filing because of the dad's constant bullying. He wanted a 50/50 share time, while the baby was still an infant.
He would be emotionally and verbally abusive, resorting to threats made by him and his friends.
So, I hired a lawyer (I don't even know I could afford it at the time) and initiated the process.
I was VERY FEARFUL, and there wasn't a single day when I questioned my decision - even now I question that decision. But what kept me going was to give a stable future for my child. I am convinced that a 50/50 situation is not good for an infant, toddler, to no kid at all. So it began.
There were numerous fights, friends were lost, rumors were started, even condemnation from our church pastor - but the well being of my child was worth it.
I have physical custody, dad sees the child every day for dinner (my son goes to his place) and every other weekend.
I don't like not seeing my child, but I know it is best for him and I am learning to accept it.
If you are planing to file and the dad's motive is only his pride, you will face a hard battle, but look at your child, have his/her best interest at heart, gather support and good advice - and why not - pray!
I am here if you need to talk :)

unpleasant but necessary

This blog is created to share advice, vent, support, encourage and what nots - single mothers or newly found single mothers, going through the pain of a custody battles for their kids.
It is a long process we know, and a fearful step, but sometimes needed.
if you have something to share, this is a safe place.
I have myself gone through the court system in order to protect my baby, I finally got a ruling, but I know it will continue to be a hard road to walk.
REMEMBER - have your child's best interests at heart. And it is OK to fight through teeth and nails if needed, and it is OK to back off if needed.

let me know your thoughts.