September 15, 2009

run and smell the roses...

Don't you agree? life is sometimes runs so fast, there is barely time to stop and smell the roses...
kids, work, errands, keep in contact - so much demands our attention.

I was in the midst of finishing a rush project when my kid calls me to see the drawing he was making with his Tata (grandfather). I was in such a rush that I kept telling my boy "later, later...". I saw his head hanging low and my heart just pressed upon me. I went to see his drawing, it was a bunch lines going everywhere, but his title was "I love mama very much" - I melted and that drawing is now framed, hanged and cherished.

Sometimes I get so much in a rush to realize that my kid is living his life, right now - he is making memories, he is expressing and satisfying his curiosity and his life is unfolding before our very eyes. I don't want to be too busy for that.
I was 30 minutes late to drop off the project, but that was not the end of the world, it was just 30 minutes.

We do find ourselves busy with life and dealing with court, we juggle trying to secure a better life for our kids - in the midst of our "fighting" let's do our best to stop and smell the roses with our kids, because court and custody deals are not the end of the world, they are not life, they are added to life.
Let's make a list of priorities that goes vertical, not horizontal.

As the holidays approach, lets enjoy them dearly with our little ones, because they will be memories that no matter if they had both or only one parent on it - they will be their memories - let's make them the BEST!

Blessings today and always and stay strong!!!

Love your kids today :)