December 29, 2010

Healing Powers

Has it happened to you? Sometimes I go through my busy day, with so many thoughts in my head about the tasks ahead, and suddenly I stop, breathe and remember "I am a!"... back to being a busy bee again...

I love looking at my son's face, hearing his laugh, listening to his voice, his cries break my heart, but I have never felt so much as a mother as when my son is sick.
When he is sick, he wants nothing but mommy, and no matter how tired I am, or how much tasks I have ahead, one look at his droopy eyes and his cheeks rossy from the fever, for me to drop all else.

One of these winter days, my little one was at his dad's for the weekend, he was sick, he cried when I called him and asked me to pick him up. My heart broke and I was there as fast as I could. When I got him, he said "kids need their mommies when they are sick, mommy. I need you."
From then on, my call as a mom was more real than ever.
I am needed by this little boy, I am needed as a comforter.

There is very little I can do against the flu, or tummy aches, or any ache, but a mother's touch and a kiss on the forehead is all he is asking for, for him to know its going to be OK.

So, when your day is bad, and your hopes are low, remember: you are needed, you are important in your little ones lives, and even when they don't tell you - just watch who they are calling when they are sick - their healer - you, mom.

And I know it will not end. I still call and long for my mom when I am under something.

Is just the gift given to us, to be mothers, and have those "healing powers"

Have a blessed 2011 celebration and love your kids today!

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